Supercat Racing

Specifications and Rules

Boat Specs

Length: 36' minimum to 46' maximum

Hull Type: Catamaran

Beam: 12' maximum

Tunnel Width: Maximum of 66" measured at keel

Height: At least 48" from keel to deck forward of the canopy

Weight: 9,500lbs minimum

Engine Specs

Displacement: 510 CID max, 495 CID min per engine

Compression Ratio: 9.5:1 max

Heads: Brodix BB2 Plus Head

Carburetor: Any Holley Dominator style

Fuel: 91-93 octane with no additives

RPM: Limited to 7,000 RPM's

Outdrive and Prop Specs

Outdrives: #6 with 1:61 gear ratio

Propellors: Maximum 5 blade propellors